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Mission Statement

Circuit Mission Statement

Our Mission is:

'To show God's love for all the world' 
in order that
'all people may have life and life in all its fullness'

Download PDF of our Mission Statement

We strive to work out our mission and ministry in accordance with the following principles:

In partnership with others where possible, we will concentrate our prayers, resources, imagination and commitments on this priority:

To proclaim and affirm its conviction of God's love in Christ, for us and for all the world;

and renew confidence in God's presence and action in the world and in the church.

As ways towards realising this priority, we will give particular attention to the following:

Underpinning everything we do with God-centred worship and prayer.

Supporting community development, action for justice, especially among the most deprived and poor - in Britain and worldwide.


Developing confidence in evangelism and in the capacity to speak of God and faith in ways that make sense to all involved.


Encouraging fresh ways of being Church.


Nurturing a culture in the Church which is people-centred and flexible.

A prayer for our circuit

Lord, we come together as the Black Country Circuit, praying for your guidance for our ministry in these our towns of Tipton, Wednesbury and West Bromwich.

Lord, we pray that you will:
Strengthen the chains that link us together as churches of this Black Country Circuit and with our fellow Christians.
Lord, we pray that you will break the chains that imprison us as living only in the past, and that prevent us having the courage to venture into the future.

Lord, we pray that you will:
Help us to mine the rich seams of your love that already exist in our towns and in our churches. May your love fuel the fire of our desire to serve you anew each day.

Lord, we pray that you will:
Inspire us to live our lives in such ways that, through us, your love sparkles as does light through the finest crystal.
May others catch in us a glimmer of your glory, a reflection of you in the way we live our lives.

Lord, we pray that you will:
create in us, not hearts cast as iron,
but hearts that are warmed with such a knowledge of your love that we may be moulded anew each day so as to be effective in your service and that of all people.

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