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Advent Sunday worship across the circuit

There will be a reduced number of preaching appointments in the circuit on this Sunday and they will take place as follows -:

10.00am Central Methodist Church - Rev Juliet Kisob 10.30am Tipton Green Methodist Church - Rev Denise Williams 11.00am Charlemont Methodist Church - Rev Ruth Childs 5.00pm Hill Top Methodist Church - Rev Denise Williams

It will be an opportunity to share worship with other members of the circuit and you are cordially invited and encouraged to attend another church if your home church does not have a preacher planned.

Copies of the liturgy we will be using at these services have been sent out to the individual churches. We invite you to continue to use it on the following weeks which will give a unity across the circuit. The tune is the same as Angel voices ever singing so if you don't have singing the faith you can still participate.

As it is the fourth Sunday in the month, for those not able to go to an in-church service, Wesley will be holding its usual zoom worship at 6:15pm


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