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Rhema Bible Studies at Tipton Green

The summer session of the Rhema Bible Studies at Tipton Green has been launched. Using Acts For Everyone by Tom Wright as a basis, each week they will look at different aspects of Acts chapters 7 to 12.

The sessions take place in a friendly and informal atmosphere on the following Thursday nights, starting at 7.30pm. If you have any questions, please contact John Blewitt.

Thursday 8th June “Stephen tells the story”

Acts: 7:1 – 8.3

Led by Steven Allen

Thursday 15th June “A Magician and Finance Minister”

Acts 8: 4-40

Led by David Ashfield

Thursday 22nd June “Saul encounters Jesus”

Acts 9: 1-31

Led by Trevor Allen

Thursday 29th June “God shows no favouritism”.

Acts 9: 32- 10:48

Led by Rev Trevor Pratt

Thursday 6th July “Controversy and Vindication”

Acts 11

Shared evening

Thursday 13th July “The True King Rules”

Acts 12

Led by Chris Pearce


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